Fashion Shoot: Moulagerie + Mark Stoelk

During my 5 year immersion in the Portland fashion industry after the launch of Christa-Taylor fashion (read more on that elsewhere) I had many cheerleaders. Karen Davis stands out as one of my most beloved friends and counselors. She gave me style imput, fashion direction even altered some of my designs completely. So it was with much joy that I watch as she begins her own foray into fashion. Being the wise woman that she is, she is starting slow and working from there.

When we got to collaborate on this project together, it was like I had won the lottery. She read my mind and I could read hers.  To complete the look- we brought amazingly fabulous designer Mark Stoelk to feature his men's line. OH yes. hotness incarnate. Thank you to Karen and Mark for your unwearied enthusiasm, perseverance and flexibility.

Models: Coran Benesh, Option Model Management, Jeremy Cartwright MUAH: Bryce Eschete

Let the story begin.... ___________________________________________________________________

The Bicycle Diaries. She was as posh as they come, cool and aloof, her nose in a book. No guy could tempt her, no handsome face turn her head. Every morning she gathered her things, ascended her bike and fluttered to the library. Every day she peddled  through the glade, head high, lips pursed.

He is daring, a journalist, and desperately in love with her. He saw her from the distance, wondered who she was and smiled to himself. He would not be ignored. He learned her name, learned her likes and every morning walked through the glade as she rode by. This girl was his butterfly.

He teased her, biding his time, laughing at her insolence and refusing her silence. This continued till she could ignore him no longer. Winter turned to spring, fresh sweetness was in the air and it was time for risk. He asked her to a picnic.

Her nervousness mounted but dissolved when in his company. She smiled so slightly looking back at him as they parted.

Gentle was her wooing, with tenderness and humor. The glade was their sanctuary, her on her bike, him on his feet, strolling through at their mutual pace. As Spring merged with Summer, two hearts danced as one.