Your Elevator Pitch

facebook_0264 I've been struggling to remember WHY I do what I do. Yes, I love taking photos and creating beautiful imagery- but anyone can do that. What makes me stand out in my field? What is my underlying passion, the underlying mission behind it all? Thanks to my friend and fellow photographer Bianca, I sat down to think.

That is your elevator speech. 2 sentences of concise, passionate articulation describing who you are and what you want to accomplish.

Sure you could say, "I'm a wedding and glamor photographer". But does that really encapsulate what I want my clients to come away with? No. I want my elevator speech to captivate the heart, the passion and the drive for WHY I do what I do.


Try this on:

Take 1: 

random person: "So what do you?"

me: "I'm a wedding and boudoir photographer, my passion is to empower women to see how truly beautiful they are."

  Take 2: 

"I'm a wedding and portrait photographer, my passion is give women the experience of seeing how beautiful they are.

Take 3:

"I'm a photographer, my passion is to give women the opportunity to see how beautiful they are, to walk out of my studio with the best pictures of themselves they've ever had."

Have you thought through recently your elevator pitch? Are you sticking to it?