How Do You Create A Photography Payment Plan

This is what my payment plan looks like:  

Payment Plan Contract


Name: ___Sarah Curl  _______________   Date: ____Jan 8, 2015_________


City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________________________

Contracted Services: ______10 Digital Files_____________________

Contractor/Photographer: __Christa-Taylor Photography______________________

I, the undersigned client, agree to make payments on the specified dates and the agreed amounts state on the payment schedule below to the contractor, Christa-Taylor Photography. I understand the consequences that will be brought against me if the contract is violated. The penalties could include: account being turned over to collection agency, and/or prosecution in a small claims court. Upon default, I agree to pay any fees and costs that the contractor may incur in collecting my balance owed as well as a competitive interest rate on the amount owed.


Total amount owed (beginning balance)........................................  $__________


payment plan

I agree that the above schedule of payments is an acceptable resolution to help retire my debt with the contractor, and I remain current with this payment plan.

_______________     _______________         _______ ______    ____________

Client                             Date                                        Contractor                                Date