Club Paesano Wedding: Andrew + Julie

I remember seeing the deepest tenderness in his eyes as he glanced down at her. She was radiant, her eyes saying everything her words didn't. No one can fully capture the passion a groom feels towards his bride, and this one in particular. Through his protecting care, Julie truly rises to new heights of loveliness. What is it about being loved that makes us more beautiful? This is the beauty of true love, it makes the beneficiary all the more beloved. zellers_slideshow-3 copy

zellers_slideshow-20 copyzellers_slideshow-16 copyzellers_slideshow-5 copy Because Julie and Andrew opted to save their first look for their wedding, we stole outside after the ceremony for some afternoon light and beautiful portraits. zellers_slideshow-99 copyzellers_slideshow-70 copyClub Paesano wedding Gresham OR

As "At Last" played for their first dance, I could see Andrew singing along, both of them so happy to finally be in the arms of their beloved. Club Paesano is extremely dark, I was shooting strobes and praying it was sharp ;) zellers_slideshow_addons-1 copy zellers_slideshow-101 copy

Every wedding is unique and has little moments of significance that I remember. But sometimes, there's something that sticks out so poignantly it leaves an lasting echo in my memory. This wedding was extra special to me, it wasn't the beautiful flowers or the unique location, it was the way this particular groom cared for others. Even amidst the bustle and rush of his own wedding day Andrew stopped, took the time, and asked earnestly "how are you doing?" Andrew, you are a great man- in the best sense of the word. Never have I seen a man so careful for his bride, and not only for her, but all those around you. No one was too humble or insignificant to receive your thoughtful attention. You exude a genuine pastoral care for others, it's remarkable to witness this grace extended even to the vendors hired for the occasion. I was inspired.

Julie, I can't help but smile thinking of how calm and joyful you were. I loved how your eyes crinkled up when you laughed and the moment you started tearing up when coming down the aisle on Dad's arm. It was so worth the long-distance relationship, and the waiting and the lonely days! I'm so happy for you and truly thankful for the chance to capture your memories. It only gets better from here!

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