Clackamette Park Engagement: Kendi + Derek

Kendi and her darling daughter Mila were the topic of conversation. Kendi's dad was on a hunting trip along with Derek and a few others. Not once, but several times Dad mentioned how much he'd love Derek to be introduced to his daughter, Kendi. Pulling out his phone, he showed them off, Kendi and Mila, their sweet smiles doing most of the convincing. Upon Dad's return, Kendi heard nothing but Derek this, and Derek that but brushed it off, skeptical at best. 3 days later Kendi picked up the phone and Derek's voice was on the other end. A date was set. Kendi, all pretty in a dress met Derek face to face, who arrived in a hoodie and jeans. lol. "At least I was comfortable with who I was!" laughed Derek when he was telling me the story. One date was followed by another and they were soon inseparable, with Mila eager to have "DeDe" with them wherever they went.

It is beautiful to see how Derek is eager for the responsibility and sacrifice of being a father and husband. He truly prizes both of these girls, and is that perfect blend of gentleness and "manly-man". Kendi just lights up when in his arms, like any girl does who is truly loved. They have found happiness in each other, and will say "I do" in 4 short weeks...

For their engagement shoot, we met at Clackamette Park (horray for the Parks photo permit!) with the cloud cover cooperating nicely.

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Camera heads: My 50 is still in the shop (getting micro adjusted to my D700) so this was shot entirely with the 70-200 2.8 and the 35 1.8