Cathedral Park Engagement Photos: Susan + Aidan

I intentionally spaced these two blog posts out (the double engagement) as it's so important to see them as two separate love stories. Yes, they will share the same wedding day and a lot of the same wedding day memories, but their lives are still individual stories along similar, but separate paths. The story begins at another wedding, where Mary Willis is chatting with Susan hoping for a promising young girl to be introduced to her son Aidan. Little did Mary know, that the very girl she was enlisting help from would someday be his bride. Susan, trying to be helpful, did her share of introductions and found Aidan charming, hilarious, and a breathe of fresh air. They became inseparable. "I didn't know dating could be this fun" said Susan as we headed down to the pier during their Cathedral Park Engagement. Aidan chimed in, "It was like, 'let's hang out tomorrow' and...every day for months straight afterwards!" Words from the wise folks, "marry your best friend".  ;)

It's always exciting to see friendship blossom into an "I can't live without you" kind of love. Aidan beams with pride, smile from ear to ear as he holds his darling. In fact, they both can't stop smiling, their love is a constant source of happiness between them.

Susan and Aidan, when I think of you two- I immediately picture the word JOY. For that is what you bring to one another and those around you. Bianca and I can't wait for the wedding !

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Bianca and I were tag-teaming this shoot so all 6 of us could really get to know one another and enjoy the process of "getting comfortable". It worked like a charm and so these photos are pretty much 50/50 split between the two of us.


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