Cathedral Park Engagement Photos: Elizabeth + Dave

Cathedral Park Engagements are among my favorites because the St Johns Bridge is such a romantic backdrop for telling a love story. But telling 2 love stories simultaneously? That's nothing short of epic. As you may have noticed, this Cathedral Park Engagement is extra special. Two sisters, a few years apart, are getting married. Yes, ladies and gents, it's a double wedding. Both sisters are nurses. Both are marrying Structural engineers... who both work for the same company. :D

The world of online dating can be daunting to say the least. But it only took one look at Elizabeth and Dave was sold. I can only imagine how nervous Elizabeth must have felt as they decided to meet up at Village Coffee Shop for their "first date". But whatever nervousness she had, soon dissipated and something magical clicked. It was meant to be, and as Elizabeth laughed as we walked together during their shoot "the right one was certainly worth the wait!"

The rest was just working out the "details". ;)

cathedral park engagement portland or christa-taylor_0694

"Sleet or shine she'll still be mine"

cathedral park engagement portland or christa-taylor_0703

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