Business & Marketing: Two Bright Lights

finals-20 After 2 years of working full-time as a photographer, I was feeling more confident and ready to see my work published.

  But where to begin? Do I have to sift through thousands of wedding blogs and submit my photos in their particular format and hope they get accepted?

That's when Jasmine Star and her CreativeLive workshop How To Get Published changed my life. A simple membership with Two Bright Lights makes your submission and publication process an absolute dream. For $100 you get access to all the blogs and magazines you could possibly need and the formating and submission process is a cinch. The paid membership saved me hours of work (which translates into $$).

Since becoming a member, 1 year ago, I have published 9 weddings. That's a pretty good success rate.

  What's the benefit of getting published? 

I think many photographers will agree that tracking direct sales from a published feature is very difficult. The value comes in creating "hype" or something to create movement on your blog and facebook page. Additionally, it's a great opportunity to cross-pollinate and distribute the photos with other vendors participating in that event.