Burning Barbie

boudior photography Portland or I am absurdly passionate about capturing women. Photographing them I mean. I love seeing them transform before my eyes into confident, glorious, goddesses. Sounds a bit spacey, but it's true. I love women.

It's because I understand how it feels to be deeply insecure, to be embarrassed by myself and want a radical fresh start. I love being able to instill a little bit of confidence back into every woman who has been beat-up by the expectations of our culture. We aren't plastic. We aren't photoshopped Barbies, we are passionate, sensual, charismatic women who love being ourselves if given half the chance.

When I was studying with Rodney Smith, he examined my portfolio, looked up and asked:

"Why do you want a perfect world? It's like you are trying to create make-believe..."

I didn't know how to answer then, but I see a bit more of the picture now.   I have come to know and appreciate the brokenness in myself, and understand the world is not as it was meant to be. But when I take a portrait and capture a connection, I am reminded of the possibilities. In a portrait, I see a reflection of the original beauty. It's refracted light--prism rainbows on the walls. 

Women are generally more insecure about their appearance than their male counterparts.   We have baggage to tote around from all sorts of life experiences. But even with our baggage and blunders we can reflect radiant light.

This is my vocation. This is my delight. To show through little prism rainbows, the beauty of the original design.