Battling Your Fear

forblog copy It's night. Here I am,  in bed with that gnawing fear creeping up from my toes. "Crap, here we go again...I have a shoot tomorrow and all I want to do is hide!" The feeling reaches my stomach producing a cacophony of nervous butterflies so loud I'm sure it's audible.

"Will I have enough ideas? I don't feel creative or inspired!! What am I going to do?" Visions flash through my head as my brain scrambles at Mach 10 trying to find a resting point.

Yes. I do get that nervous.

The only thing that helps is taking my pen in hand and sketching. Yes, I sketch out my shoots- in the middle of the night if necessary. Seriously peeps- save yourself some sanity and buy yourself some flippin printer paper.

When I have some sort of plan, my brain untangles, the butterflies go back into hibernation and I'm ready for the creative onslaught. I'm not a genius, I'm not one to call myself a "creative" and yes, I still feel like I'm going to pee my pants before every wedding. But if a scratch sheet can give me a nights much needed sleep before the big day- GIVE ME A DUMP TRUCK OF PAPER! And a good pen while you're at it ;)

Good night dear readers.