Portland Waterfront Engagement: Ben + Christina

"I don't know particularly why I like architecture, but I like the lines, the asymmetry...guess that's why I like her, she's all angles..." he laughed as he spoke eyeing his beloved, and we all know, Ben's laugh is contagious. Our day started out in the cool of the studio and our plan was to visit several different points around the city for some diverse spots. We were arrested in our progress when the elevator doors opened, revealing the oddest assortment of manliness i have ever beheld.

Not one, but two burly bikers, complete with belly-length beards, tats, leather vests and...tutus. Yes, pink tights, Pink tutus and handfuls of flowers. I just about died.

We barely made it around the corner before bursting with laughter.

only in Portland.

Needless to say, anytime we wanted some natural joviality in our photos I merely recalled our two guests to mind...worked every time ;)

Ben and Christina, you both bring out the best in the other. Watching you inspired me, it's so easy to focus on the foibles and annoyances of life, but you reminded me to take a step back and see the joy of it. It's obvious to me that underneath all that love and happiness you have a beautiful, trusting friendship. What an awesome foundation for your future marriage. Thank you for opening up your lives to me and trusting me to tell your story as you envision it. September will be here before we know it :)

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