Adventures of Husby and Wifey: The Career Catastrophe

Prego  photography

Husby and Wifey have made a monumental career change decision. No more photography or lucrative private security for these two, nope- a new era has begun. They have decided to become your latest and greatest Baby Naming Professionals.

In light of the fact that they have no children themselves, wifey decides they are amply qualified to assist the Portland elites in naming their new offspring. According to Steven Levitt , Economist and co-author of Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything (P.S.), this is a very viable vocation.

Are you the perpetually fearful parent that worries about wether naming your child something too bohemian will plunge them on a path of poverty? Never fear, the experts are here.

Husby and Wifey will sit down with you (for a moderate fee of course) establish your family heritage (for an additional fee), research your background (er..yes more $$) and come up with the perfectly suited name to your newborn.

"Ward off baby-name regret with our expertise and advice, don't trust your instincts- trust ours!! Our adroit flattery and agile minds  will leave you more than satisfied (and considerably less endowed).

Our vast selections include Bobbi, Brunel, Shaniqua, Chantelle, Billy, Nilly and a litany of others!

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