A Pea in the Pod

I used to be stumped on maternity shoots. It was paralyzing. I don't like cheesy "heart hands" photos awkward bare mommy poses. How do I deal with this whole concept of baby bump?  I had a major breakthrough when I realized-the best maternity shoots are those that are simply a hot portrait session that just happens to have a womb involved. Shoot the way you always shoot and the pictures will be captured the way you and your clients want them.

Ever since then- they have been a breeze. quite freeing.

Here's 2 recent prego shoots :) I love these gorgeous women- and as you can see, their husbands do too :)

Meet the adorable Anna Edmonds. She cuts my hair and is savvy in all things fabulous. It is such an amazing journey to photograph first her wedding (to the studly Stephen) and now their first child. You'll meet Sophia Edmonds soon!

Anna, you are so beautiful.

I think they like each other.

I loved this chance to catch a glimpse of the father, Stephen. The responsibility and realization that another life is dependent on you...


I loved meeting Joy + Peter, they were willing to do anything- even when my heel broke and Joy loaned me hers! Peter is one of those guys with impeccable taste, "Peter picked those out" applied to most of Joy's wardrobe at the shoot :) They've been through a lot over their 2 years of marriage and are ready to meet their little boy Simon Harrington :)

Oh. my word- Joy you are one hot mama.