A Cup of Stumptown Joe

Being married has made me a more grateful person. Well, at least I recognize things I took for granted my previous 24 years of single oblivion.

I pour a cup of Stumptown and am now much more thankful for those precious beans and the cost of each. Cream for my coffee. Toilet Paper. Air Conditioning.  Meat and produce. Sugar-free hot chocolate mix, Rice Cakes and Pretzels. Washing laundry, dining out, highlighters, stamps and envelopes...the list is endless. Little things that have accumulated to shake me out of my affluent stupor and awaken a fresh sense of appreciation and thankfulness.

Steaming coffee mixes with happy thoughts and I'm just as content without the cream.

What will I acknowledge gratefulness for today?

I will never forget the story once told me of a frustrated 911 widow who left a women's prayer meeting. "They were all complaining about their husbands and the irksome habits of men...I'd give ANYTHING to walk into the master bedroom and see the toilet seat up."

My husband. My home. My camera. Amazing Clients. Superb coffee.