Portland Boudoir Photographer: The why

Boudoir photography. Being a wedding photographer is easy- being a boudoir photographer is a whole different story. Not only do you have to be very discreet during the session, you can't even really show the images AFTER the session. How do you advertise something you can show? For me, Word of mouth has been the primary source of my boudoir clients. But boudoir isn't for the every day pocket book. It's a luxury item, an experience that clients want to "live". It's not just images. It's a feeling.

To feel gorgeous. To feel sensual. To feel confident. These are things every woman wants. And through much practice, I am confident I can give it to them.

Boudoir photography is a growing movement. More and more women are seeking something that pushes their comfort zone, but still feels "safe". As a photographer, boudoir lets me enjoy my art while empowering women in a unique way.


Pentax 645. Fuji 400h rated at 320. 75mm 2.8

Portland Boudoir Photographer: Before and After

Boudoir photography is such a fun adventure. Jenna's such a beauty! Portland Boudoir photos at it's classy finest. :) portland boudoir photos before and after


For more of our boudoir information, check out our exclusive behind the scenes video. Vimeo is our kind host and has been featuring our boudoir and portrait work. Also check out our Boudoir Website that has more info for booking a Portland boudoir session.

I was recently asking my readers and Facebook fans- how do you advertise something this personal? It's difficult to show the work you do without causing issues. Granted, a lot of women are comfortable signing a model release. However, that's not really the issue. What's more important to me, it to keep these very provocative images out of public view period. I don't want my little boys or brothers facing a difficult situation. These images are meant for their husbands, significant other, or frankly, just themselves.

So there is the dilemma. I would love to feature all the recent work I've done. But in order to protect everyones privacy I have declined that option. Do you have any ideas? Maybe a printed version vs. online? We do have a private Facebook Boudoir Group, but it's by invite only which makes it difficult for new clients to find. (naturally) Hmm. It's something I will continue to think about. Meanwhile, I am doing a Model call as a promotion and seeing if that works out well. I'm a bit nervous, but I love all the women who have applied. Their stories are amazing!

I'll keep you updated, but for now- Merry Christmas! And start thinking about Valentines Day! January is almost completely booked with boudoir shoots. 10 already!



Portraits of Sisters : Kristin + Katy

Portland boudoir photography christa taylor  

Everyone has been given different gifts. Aside from being gorgeous, Kristin and Katy have a very special gift. They sing.

Their sister voices are a perfect match showcasing beautiful harmonies and incredible power, I'm seriously tempted to be jealous. I was so privileged to be able to capture this beautiful duo in studio. Yes, they are both extremely talented but they are both very real women. They have shouldered much responsibility, showered much compassion and are sincerely honest with themselves and others. It's so refreshing to be around them, to know that they aren't putting up a facade or trying to impress, but simply BEING.

Thank you girls for letting me in, for working through your insecurities and mine and for setting a beautiful example for your daughters.

Lots of love. CT

Portland boudoir photography christa taylorPortland boudoir photography christa taylorPortland boudoir photography christa taylorPortland boudoir photography christa taylorPortland boudoir photography christa taylorPortland boudoir photography christa taylor