9 Weeks...And Counting

HA. In 9 weeks I'll be Mrs. Dan Gutschenritter. Good Lord, I think God had a sense of humor in bestowing me with such a voluminous last name. I mean really people- I used to tout to my family how I would never marry someone with a last name that uses half the English alphabet. Guess I didn't count on him being German. Well, thank God he's more than worth it eh?

So yea, I've been thinking about kissing couples lately, and how happy I'll be to finally join them. That's right, I've never kissed this very-long-last-name man...yet.

9 weeks people. 9 very-soon-to-be-over weeks.

::happy dance::

I told him I was going to kiss him like that on our wedding day. I don't know why he wouldn't believe me.

Photo Credi: My second shooter and friend Bianca Jade